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We start our journey with a thorough analysis of your market (user persona) and an assessment of your competitors’ communication strategies to identify gaps and opportunities. 

We plan and structure our ad accounts based on the level of complexity of your product and the level of commitment from your target audience. 

We adapt our strategy to the tools we’re using and to a fast-evolving environment: moving away from third-party data, adapting to tracking limitations (App Tracking Transparency with iOS 14.5 update), leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


We create ads and landing pages that convert with a user-focussed approach: our aim is not to have the best-looking ad, it’s about crafting creatives that resonate with your target audience and will make them convert.

The power of social media advertising relies on social proof.

Our methodology aims for consistent results through leveraging machine learning and helping ad networks to get out of the learning phase.
From the impressions all the way to the conversions, our optimization methodology lets us identify and prioritize where to focus our efforts: Landing page? Ad creatives? Bidding Strategy?

We combine internal reports with analysis of the competition, understanding of seasonality, and evolution in user behavior.

Our data-driven approach combined with our test & learn attitude helps us to optimize our performance through A/B tests on our ads and landing page.

We track the whole user funnel in order to know which campaigns generated the most value.

Our tracking helps us scale efficiently your campaigns based on the metrics that matter the most to your business.

Test & Learn Attitude 

Marketing is not an exact science, that’s why we strive to always get the best performance by continuously challenging our campaigns, learning from them and improving over time.

A/B Testing

We thoroughly test our hypothesis using A/B tests to understand what drives users to take action.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We continuously implement changes to our landing pages and track users’ behavior to lower drop-offs.

ROI Oriented

We create campaigns that convert and optimize them towards what has the most value for you (sales, revenue…).

Data-driven Approach

We don’t work based on instincts - Our marketing efforts only matter if we can measure them accurately and analyse their evolution over time. For that matter, we take all our decisions based on thorough data analysis.


We implement tracking on your website in order to measure all interactions your visitors have on your website (visits, clicks, conversions).

Data Visualization

We use data visualization in our reports to ease the understanding of our performance in order to be able to make the best decisions in the most efficient way.

Machine Learning

We include machine learning and understanding of ad networks in our methodology to adapt our strategy to the updates and innovations made to the algorithms.

Omise is a fintech company based in Thailand and operating in 4 countries including Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. Our team has been missioned to come up with content-based marketing in order to generate qualified leads.
Alipay+ Launch
We’ve created this animated video to announce the launch of Alipay+ Payment Solutions on Omise’s platform.
Comparing Omise & PayPal
We’ve launched a campaign to guide merchants into comparing the two payment gateways. The ad redirects to a comparison page of both tools.

Reacting to environment changes:

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency released in April 2021 was a major game changer for Social Media Advertisers. As privacy became a priority concern for users, Apple started to release new iOS updates limiting our tracking capabilities and impacting our performance directly. 
In reaction to those changes, we’ve been following Facebook best practices as well as equipping our clients with the best tools to maintain consistent results even with the changes applied.

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