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We Are A Google Partner Agency

The Partner Badge is awarded to the top agencies based on 2 main criteria:


Performance Optimization Score for all accounts

Back-to-Back Agency has maintained an optimization score of at least 70%, indicating that they've set up their clients' accounts to perform well


Spend over the last 90 days

Back-to-Back agency has managed at least $10,000 USD in ad spend in the past 90 days (more than $300K), which shows its ability to help clients consistently identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success on an ongoing basis.

Account Strategists are Google Ads certified

Back-to-Back Agency currently has 3 account strategist(s), and all of them have demonstrated proficiency in Google Ads by earning Google Ads certifications.

We are currently working in the very competitive law industry with Cost Per Clicks that can go as high as $50.

  • Analyze & Plan

  • Activate

  • Track & Optimise

  • Scale & Rationalise


We analyse & organise your audience’s search intent semantically based on the keywords they are using. Do they want to buy or do they want to know? How specific/broad is their request? At which stage of the user journey are they?

Our analysis helps us segment the audience to plan the most relevant content to their needs.


We research about your audience and your competitors to analyse how to efficiently communicate to your target audience and find opportunities.

We craft ads and landing pages based on thorough user research, with copies that engage and convert your target audience.


From the impressions all the way to the conversions, our optimization methodology lets us identify and prioritise where to focus our efforts: Landing page? Ad relevance? Targeting? Bid strategy?.

We combine internal reports with external analysis of the competition (SEMRush), understanding of seasonality and user behaviour evolution.

(Lead Gen only) We track the whole user funnel in order to know which campaigns generated the most value.


We efficiently manage to scale and rationalise our efforts through leveraging Google’s machine learning & best practices.

We continuously feed Google with business insights and CRM data from your customers in order to drive our campaigns for the highest value.

Test & Learn Attitude 

Marketing is not an exact science, that’s why we strive to always get the best performance by continuously challenging our campaigns, learning from them and improving over time.

A/B Testing

We thoroughly test our hypothesis using A/B tests to understand what drives users to take action.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We continuously implement changes to our landing pages and track users’ behavior to lower drop-offs.

ROI Oriented

We create campaigns that convert and optimize them towards what has the most value for you (sales, revenue…).

Data-driven Approach

We don’t work based on instincts - Our marketing efforts only matter if we can measure them accurately and analyse their evolution over time. For that matter, we take all our decisions based on thorough data analysis.


We implement tracking on your website in order to measure all interactions your visitors have on your website (visits, clicks, conversions).

Data Visualization

We use data visualization in our reports to ease the understanding of our performance in order to be able to make the best decisions in the most efficient way.


Machine Learning

We include machine learning and understanding of ad networks in our methodology to adapt our strategy to the updates and innovations made to the algorithms.


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