What Does Expertise Mean To Us?

In the turbulent sea and fast-changing environment of digital marketing, Back-to-Back Agency navigates through the strong currents - built on a flexible structure, powered by a vision embracing change, and directed with a rational approach fueled by data.


The Sail As Our Vision

No Matter How Strong The Wind Is, We Full-on Embrace It.

As Privacy becomes a priority concern for users and with the uprising of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, traditional media buying is dying. Instead of being fearful, we saw an opportunity to reinvent agency work. 

Thus, we came up with a service that is fully integrated into our client's activities and adapted to their evolving needs—rationalizing our efforts to focus on what's adding the most value at that moment.



The Body As Our Values

With Sturdy Values, We Adapt and Change On High Waves.

Our 4 values enable us to take up any challenge that comes our way and readapt our structure accordingly


Build relationships based on honesty.


Strive to improve our skills by continuously sharing among the team.


Stay humble and open to testing and learning.


Question the "why" in our decisions to take actions that make sense.


The Wheel As Our Approach

Lead The Waves With A Data-Driven & Flexible Mindset. 

Our structure is governed by a data-driven approach and a test-and-learn attitude. We rationalize our work by equipping ourselves with tracking tools and continuously analyzing our efforts’ performance.


Test & Learn Attitude 

Marketing is not an exact science, that’s why we strive to always get the best performance by constantly challenging our campaigns, learning from them, and improving over time.

A/B Testing

Understand what drives users to take action using A/B tests.

CR Optimization

Lower drop-offs by continuously improving landing pages.

ROI Oriented

Create campaigns that convert and reach your objectives.

Data-driven Approach

We don’t work based on instincts - our marketing efforts only matter if we can measure them accurately and analyze their evolution over time. Hence, all our decisions are based on thorough data analysis.


Measure all interactions on your website (visits, clicks, conversions).

Data Visualization

Ease your understanding of our performance so we can make the best decisions.

Machine Learning

Adapt our strategy to the algorithms’ updates and innovation.

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